My 10 Guilty Pleasures

    Firstly, I always become crazy when hang out with friend. I means that I will be nounsence, I also will look like child attitude when I hang out. Second is I will laugh so loud and my face look so funny. I can’t control my laugh. Now, it become habit when me laugh ever on general place or at my home.

   Third, I will be not panctual if I have something important or meeting. I will come 5 minute late or maybe taking 1 hour for come to that meeting. It will be habit for me, because the meeting always on morning. I can’t to wake-up early. That is because I can’t sleep during night. But, if have someone can wake-up me, I will wake-up.

   Fourth is I always don’t wash my hand when I finish eating. Actually I don’t means that I don’t want to wash. But, I so lazy to go to wash my hand. I will take a piece of tissue and wipe my hand with that. My girlfriend always scold me because of this and I says that I will change my bad habit  somedays.

   Fifth,my guilty pleasures is I will not take a bath for one day if I don’t have any activities on that day. I just get rest, online my sosial website ‘Facebook’ and play chatting with others. I don’t care if I get smell or anyone want to talk about my bad habits. Because I think many teenagers now have a bad habits same like me.

    Sixth is I like to drink iced water such as Ice tea and Ice Lemon Tea. Something we need a lot of water to make body get energy. But on my case, I love to take ice water when I chose my drink at restaurant or café. This is because I will become more fresh if I drink ice water.

    Seventh, I can’t be patient if I drive and than I stuck on jem. My mouth automaticly will be like laser and babling on that time. Who on that car with me on that time will hear what I babling and nounsence. I think this is my guilty pleasures also and I must change my attitude when drive to become a good driver, compromise with other driver and be patient.

    Eighth, I love to hear music loudly and actually I love to karaoke so much! I will open that music loudly and sing. In one days, when I get karaoke with my friend at my home, my neighbour scold me and ask me to slow down the sound and I become so shy and apologize to him. But, now I still do it again and I can’t change my habit until now.

    Ninth is I like to play football or do the outdoor exercise without stretching. This will be effect when I finish do the exercise. Until now I still do it and I will be so tired when do the outdoor exercise. This my bad habits and I think I must change it before I get pain seriously. But, I never to do it.

    Lastly, I like to do assignment last minute. It is not because of busy. But if I get free time to do the assignment, I will have many excuse to do it such as tired and I will become chous when the assignment must to pass up tomorrow or that time. Sometimes, I forget that I have assignment that means I so careless and not to seriously with my work.
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The Disaster.
The disaster is coming,
Maybe something happening,
Don’t only crying,
Don’t be frightening,
We must do something,
We must try to handling,
Do Something!
If not we will dying.
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           My name is Kenshi, i'm 20 year's old. My life begin when I born on 10 Oktober 1990. I was an orphan. My mom was dead when bear me. My dad also dead because of war. My life so bored and i fell alone because i can't feel love from dad and mom. My uncle was keep me when my dad died. For me,my uncle is not nice man, because he always scold me and make me like stipendiary. I very disappointed with my uncle. When my age 10 year's old, my uncle was died because of pancractic cancer. Start from now, i own attempts to live independently.

           From now, I try to find job at town and do part time if have free time. This because i must try to do own self to find money and not burden the other. Everyday I will do the same job as a cattle guard. At one night, I sleep and in my dream come my dad and mom and they told me that their have property they were growing for their future children. I very surprised about that and my mom give me one guidance that property was buried on the mountain. When I woke from my sleep, I found keys on my hands and a roll of paper like a map.

           When morning. I quickly pack-up my bag and bring some food for eat along the way. I just bring knife and fire starter as a protector if got any trouble or problem along the way. I just follow what the map show at me. I Suddenly fell that I lost in the junggle. When i'm tangled thinking, old man suddenly appeared, sitting on the edge of the tree. I went towards the old man and ask him about the way to go to the mountain. The old man woke-up from land and ask me to give him some water because he very thirsty. I give him some water and then he show me the way to go that mountain. He's said to go that mountain, I must across many dificult challenges. I said i try my best to across all challenges. I very thankfull to him and before i go, he give me something like green apple. I keep it in my bag and he say that item is very helpfull to me one day.

           I continue to travel to the mountain and when i arrived at the some area. i fell like something is not right. I fell like something will happen to me. I think that the only negative thoughts and i continue with my journey. suddenly in my way, I bumped into a big giant wolves are eating the dead man. I'm so scare but i wan to try kill the big giant wolf. I just have a knife and i will try my best to fight with big giant wolf. The big giant wolf aware of my presence and continued to aggressively similar in properties. The giant wolf comes to me and attack me and I avoid. But the knife in my hand has fallen and this makes me very pleased with what happened. I tried to escape and when I run my bag was open and the item that old man give me has fallen. The big giant wolf chase me, but all of a sudden he stopped seeing item that old man give to me.

           The big Giant wolf smell the item and then ate. I very supprised and the wolf become very spoiled with me. The big giant come to me and lick my hands and my head. I become shock and surprise and strange to the situation. In my mind, i think that old man is not human, but an angel who came to help me. I very happy and I get a rest with the big giant wolf at a tree because it was already in the night. The next day, i and big giant wolf  ready to move on to the mountain. We always together and the big giant wolf will help me if got some problem or enemy who are trying to stop our way and i made it to the top of the mountain and found the property, as told in the dream.

           Finally, I returned back to my village to bring wealth. Since that day, my life happy and no longer a burden to others. I use the property as well as it gives alms to the poor and needy. I fell very happy until i got merried and got three children and my friend big giant wolf I advocate and take good care.


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Beneficial Effect of Music.
Have a lot type of music such as rock,pop,jazz and indie. Music can give many effect to our life.
Music also is a big part of our lives. We can use it for special occasions and to set the mood in movies and television shows. Music can help us pass the time or connect us to our roots. Listening to music takes the whole brain, and has many positive and beneficial effects.
  • Heals - Music can reduce chronic pain and improve depression. It does this by making the body release, slowing the breathing and heart rate, distracts the patient, and helps give the patient a feeling of control. It also can strengthen the immune system and reduce blood pressure.
  • Makes you smarter - Music can help you learn better in reading, math, and reasoning skills. It can also improve memory. Certain types of music stimulate both sides of the brain, thereby enhancing learning, concentration, and retention. Musical training improves memory even more than just listening.    
  • Improves physical performance - There is a reason why you see people running while listening to their iPod. Music decreases fatigue and improves motor reflexes. It can help people with movement disorders.
  • Improve productivity - Certain kinds of music lessen fatigue such as slow music. Music can increase productivity by making workers mentally sharper.
  • Calms - Music can calm and relax. It reduces stress and negative emotions. This also makes us better meditate.
  • Improves moods - Music can lessen depression. Research is proving what many cultures have known, that music heals and has positive psychotherapeutic uses.
Here are some words that describe what music can do : soothe, relax, stimulate, meditate, calm, help you re-focus, invigorate, rejuvenate, stir your imagination, make you happy, lift your mood, restore, cure, heal, empower, lift your spirits, exhilarate, and bring about practically any emotion.
In summary, music is a lot more than a soundtrack to our lives, it is an integral part of our lives. If you want to be healthy and smart, then music is the key. What people have known since ancient times is now being proven by research. Music is good for the body and soul.
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